My work is about layers and isolation. We live in a layered world. Layers of earth, layers of atmosphere, layers of light, layers of reality, layers of vision. This is something we all know – but most of us are content to see only the surface layer.

I've always been drawn to the next layer, and the next after that. There’s a building with a window, there’s whatever is behind the window, there’s the reflection of another building across the street, there’s the reflection of a person in front of the building across the street. Layers and layers, and layers within layers, and yet it’s all of a piece. Everything is associated. Everything – but there are moments and situations in which it’s possible to isolate and photograph a carefully selected fragment of the layered world.

In isolation, those fragments appear abstract. They seem to be reduced to line and form. They create the illusion of being detached and unconnected to reality. But they’re not – not abstract, not simply line and form, not detached from reality. They are reality. They’re the reality most don’t bother to see. 

Photographing these fragments of reality in isolation is, for me, a constant reminder that nothing in reality exists in isolation. Isolation is illusion.

Note:  These are all "straight" shots - that is, single exposures, and the compositions are neither digitally created nor manipulated - everything is as found  or as seen while walking around my city.


I'm a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and I live in Toronto, Canada.